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How to Buy Headphones When You Don’t Know Anything


To many people, it’s very easy to pick up a headphone because they just need its hearing function and don’t even care about its appearance or any other features. In contrast, there are others who love headphones and other devices. They always want to choose the best product for their listening experience. With low budget, you might concern of best headphones and if you have more money, your choice would be better with some high – end products from luxurious brands. But first of all, you have to write down some criteria about the headphone. Try one of these tips and you might know what to do.

Pick them up by prices

Before choosing any headphones on market, try to recount your account and know certainly how much you want to pay for a headphone.

best headphones

Recently, there are many types of headphones for people in ages. Anyone can get a headphone easily, but with different demands.

We suggest you should invest your money on a headphone with clear brand. In fact the investment is not too high – even with only $10, it’s still better than an undetermined headphone with cheaper price. Labeled headphones have more durability, good sound quality and most of all – guaranteed maintenance for at least 6 months to 12 months.

This kind of headphone can be divided into 3 main product lines. You can purchase them based on the temporary prices: from under $50, between $50 and $100 and over $100.

With headphones under $50 we have some well – known names such as Sennheiser CX300, Sennheiser MX75, AKG K26 P, Koss KSC75 and Sony MDR EX – 51… These are some headphones that can satisfy the needs of some people who don’t care really much about the product.

Lower price products such as some headphones under $10, they just should be used for outdoor activity because they don’t have any good spots, and the sound from them are very awful. Therefore we hope you can invest a little bit more for longer use later.

In the product line with the price from $50 to $100, Sony and Seiheiser are the champions. Products from these manufacturers such as Grado SR60/SR80, AKG K240S… are very good in quality. These headphones are often designed in full size.

And over $100, we have some headphones like Sony MDR XD400, Audio Technica ATH – A500… But if you want to use this luxurious product line, your level must be high enough as well. If you are an amateur beginning to step in audiophile’s world, this price is not for you.

With headphones over $300, you might be one of the experts who are looking for high – end products or the hearing ability of you is very high. You can see some models from well – known brands rated 5 stars by their own manufacturers or websites which are specialized about headphones.

Know your purposes when buying headphones


Paying too much just to listen to music when you are traveling, you should pull yourself back a little bit. You can see a list below about headphones provided by manufacturers

If you want a headphone that can satisfy the need of traveling, compact and comfortable when moving on road by any means of transport, you should choose earbuds or earhook headphones with small designs. In addition, you can use Bluetooth headphones if you don’t want to get in troubles with the wires.

If you are a big fan of sports and still want to use a headphone for music while taking part in some activities like jogging, running… some stuff from sport headphone product lines might satisfy you.

Or you are an office worker who wants to have relax moments in break times or listen to music while working, you should choose headphones with full size designs or having ear pads because the mobility of these types are not high but the ability to reduce or separate the noise is awesome.

Full – sized headphones are the best for you to listen to music in a stunning way. High quality music in combination with Home Theater would be excellent. The wires of the headphones would also be long enough to connect from the TV or the stereo speakers to another place so that the eyes can’t be harmed.

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