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How to Fix Your Narrow Living Room with Some Simple Small Tips and Tricks?

Choosing and arranging the living room furniture properly is a big problem that every house owner has to face. Moreover, if your living room is quite small and narrow, it’s just leveled up the difficulties. Many people don’t know how to improve that situation, they just pass it and their living room became a mess with too much stuffs. Maybe you have the best ceiling fans, but your living room is just too small, so you should think of a smaller one though you don’t like it at all. In this article, I will show you some small tips and tricks that you can apply to any kinds of living room, especially the narrow ones.

Living room

  1. Choosing furniture that make your house be gentle and spacious

With living room that does not have space, you must consider to the virtual size before purchasing the furniture, not its real size. The virtual size is the approximate size that is measured by sights. Choose the furniture that makes you feel compact when looking at. The furniture that has fading colors and small legs tend to make us feel more compact and smaller that dark color and solid shaped ones.

For example, a chair that has legs doesn’t interrupt the sight for the entrance of the room or the floor, therefore it makes a feeling that the living room is bigger, actually the real size of the living room is quite small instead. Besides, the glass coffee table also takes little area in the room.

  1. Using neutral color as the main theme

Using the neutral color as the whole background of the living room, as well as connecting spots is one of the best methods that can help you to “lie” about the living room space.

living room 2

For instance, the room might seem bigger with a bed, floor and the furniture in dark brown and beige. The curtain is used to divide the sleeping space and welcoming guest space. In daytime, the curtain is pulled to the side next to the wall; your living room would be bigger in your eyes.

  1. Notice the height instead of the width

The size of a living room depends not only on the width but also the height of it. To make a room looks larger than its actual size, try to attract the glance into the ceiling.

For example, the curtain is install from the ceiling to the floor makes the living room look bigger than usual. Besides, the art lamp put in living room and the tree is quite high, along with the painting that was put near the ceiling of the living room would attract the sights up thus “stretch” the height of the room. In addition, if you want a spotlight for your living room, try to find a small ceiling fan with lamps. First of all, the ceiling fan would help your ceiling becomes balanced and the center of your living room has a spotlight that attract the sight of the guests. Moreover, the lamps with yellow light would help the space of the room becomes more gentle and relaxing, thus make the feeling of people become much better, and also cover some bad spots inside your living room.

  1. Use small living room accessories that fit your room.

If your living room is narrowed, you should use furniture and accessories that has proper portions to your room. For example, you should use small chair instead of sofa or wooden recliners for more space and room traffic. Furniture with small and compact style fits small living room very well. Or if you can’t find any stuff that suits your living room yet, you can get in touch with a designer, and he would help you to choose some nice and good furniture for your room.

living room 3

There are many things that you should know when designing and decorating a room, especially a living room. Remember that everything needs a proper space to shine, even the expensive or the cheap one. If you have any questions or want to try some new model and living room styles for your house, you should take some advice from home improvement experts. They would guide you to make your rooms better thus leads to a better life.

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