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How to Set up a Security System that Suits Your Needs

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Installing a home security system is something very usual in the modern world. Safety has always been and always will be a major concern when it comes to living peacefully in the comforts of your home. And with so many options and security packages available it has become difficult to choose the best system for your needs. They all offer similar but different levels of protection and the price varies from one company to the other.

Types of Security Systems

To break it down to merely two categories, it can be said that there are two types of security systems – monitored and not-monitored. As you can assume, monitored security system assume 24/7 surveillance by a dedicated security company which also installs the security equipment. Naturally, this type of system offers a very high level of security. However, you have to adjust your budget to accommodate the additional monthly fee.

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On the other hand, not-monitored security systems don’t require a monthly fee. That being said, you are going to do the monitoring on your own. These kinds of systems are still very useful, but, if you are not at home, you will have to rely on neighbors or passers-by to react and call for help once an alarm has been triggered.

Depending on the level of security you wish to achieve, here are the most commonly used security equipment for your home or office.

  1. Motion Detectors

As you are probably aware, these detect any unauthorized motion around or in your home and trigger an alarm. They are most commonly placed on doors and windows, and are triggered the moment someone tried to breach either one. Pay special attention to the possibility of adjusting the sensitivity levels when buying motion detectors for your house. You wouldn’t want your alarms to go off every time the wind blows a bit stronger.

  1. Smoke / Heat Sensors

Home security doesn’t always refer to burglars and break-ins. Sometimes a fire can break out for a number of reasons, and you want to have the appropriate systems which can warn you about that. Smoke and heat sensors offer crucial help when it comes to possible fire hazards. If you own a recently constructed house, there is a high probability that these are already installed. However, you should make these a priority if you are certain that there are none.

  1. Cameras for Your Backyard

These are possibly the most popular security product for passionate DIY-ers. Now, when you shop for security cameras, you will stumble upon two types – wired and wireless. Obviously, wireless cameras are more convenient when it comes to installing them. Nevertheless, both types of cameras are fairly easy to install and set up. Camera security systems are very popular and you can see them everywhere, from supermarkets, gas stations to offices and homes. The majority of them offer the possibility to be connected to a recording device.

  1. Sirens

If you have a non-monitored security system installed, having someone break in your house and trigger a silent or not-so-loud alarm, while you are not at home, kind of defeats the purpose. If you have decided on a non-monitored system, installing a security sired is not something you should omit doing. It will send a clear signal to the entire neighborhood that someone is trying to break in your home.

  1. Flood Protection

As it was already mentioned, home security doesn’t only refer to break-ins and unauthorized access. Apart from fire/heat sensors you should also install flood sensors. Most security system companies will not put emphasis on such protection, but nevertheless it is an area you do not wish to take risks on. Flood sensors are even more important for people living close to large water areas, such as lakes, rivers or the sea. These sensors will detect higher amounts of water in your basement or wherever you install them and will immediately send an alert that there is danger of flooding.

Home security systems come in various forms and different packages. Some are expensive, others more budget friendly. Depending on your possibilities, and more importantly, needs you should choose a security system that will keep your home safe from burglars, fires and floods, while offering you much needed peace of mind – especially while you are not at home.

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