About Mark “The Chief” Kessler

My high school friends deemed me the “Most Likely to Succeed”. I’ve never been so stressed in high school until I was presented with that honor. Being a straight A student and a part of the basketball varsity, I kinda understand why they voted for me. Although that didn’t really affect much beyond that yearbook’s title, it still did put a little bit of pressure on me to actually succeed in life after high school. Fast forward to the present, if I evaluate my life right now and think really hard if I succeeded on fulfilling that position. Personally, I did. Through the years, I have learned that success cannot be measure by how much money you’re making, cars you’re driving, or the house you’re living. For me, success is measured by how content you are in life. And this is why I started this blog. I want to share my daily life and my thoughts on things that matter to me. And why success shouldn’t be measure by anything but you’re own happiness.

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