Best Day Trading Apps

There is a wide range of trading applications out there. To help you out we have listed down the best day trading apps to choose from.

A trading application is designed to help you sell and buy stocks without any hassle. Offering you the entire system on your smartphone, so you can easily keep up with the process no matter where you are. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. While the concept might seem new to some, there is a wide range of trading applications out there. Making it easier for you to find them, but making it hard to choose the right one. To help you out we have listed down the best day trading apps to choose from.

TD Ameritrade

One of the best-rated applications TD Ameritrade offers you a chance to keep it all under check at all times. Allowing users a chance to trade a range of investments such as stocks, foreign currency, futures, and options. Moreover, the features offered by the application can be customized to match your needs. Using these customizations you can check trends, generate chats, tap into more complex trading options, and check out other investing strategies.


A minimum and commission-free brokerage that comes with an extremely easy-to-use mobile application. Along with ease of usage, the application comes with a wide range of databases that you can use to learn various tips and tricks for trading. Offering you an insight into different types of investments, markets, IPOs, ETFs, Forex, dividends, and more. In addition, you can keep a check on trends and insight as you go. Making instant investments and decisions based on facts and figures.


Another leading day trading application that can help you keep a track of all your trading needs. Using the application you can trade funds, stocks, options, and futures. What makes it a great choice is its built-in risk assessment tool, along with a low pricing setting that is perfect for traders who are just getting started. Furthermore, a helping assistant is just a tap away if you need help executing a trade.


The application is designed keeping beginners in mind. Starting from a low trading option you can work your way up. While the application charges you a small monthly fee ranging from $1 to $6 based on your account type. All the while investing your spare change every chance it gets. Making sure you seize every opportunity that comes forward, regardless of its size. Leaving you something at the end of the day.


Catering to two types of investors the application has you covered at every time. You might be a full-time investor or a part-time trader. Either way, the app makes sure you can take on stock trades, ETFs, futures, bonds, cryptocurrency, and mutual funds. You might be getting started, or be an experienced trader, you will feel more than comfortable making your way across the application.

Interactive Brokers

Another top choice that offers great features for you to enjoy! Investors get access to a wide range of potential investments, along with market breakdowns and security available. Additionally, users can invest in bonds, stocks, futures, ETFs, currencies, hedge funds, EFPs, and mutual funds. With the chance to deposit money directly from your checks using a mobile check deposit feature. Offering you endless features that make your life easier, and cuts down on excessive working.

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