Florida Man April 29 – Florida Man Goes to The Library

Florida man April 29

Florida man April 29 is quite a shocker, even for avid Florida man readers. None of it is new when it comes to the most ridiculous man on the planet, but he always surprises us in ways you can’t imagine, and here is the proof.

Is April 29 your birthday? If so, keep on reading to see what Florida man was up to on your big day.

Florida Man April 29, 2021 – Stabbed 3 Family Members with a Samurai Sword

Sanford, Florida  – A Florida man went into a rage after an argument with his family. The feud ended in bloodshed by a samurai sword. Only in Florida can you start a story with this phrase.

The incident began when a man called 911 for help but didn’t give details of the incident. 

He only told the dispatcher at around 1:30 AM to come to his house in Sanford home and stated, “when they get here, they will find out.”

Gary Dwain St. Aubyn Campbell, 59, was the caller and suspect for stabbing his parents and sister with a samurai sword. 

He claimed the reason for the attack was that he had been physically abused since he was young. 

He stated his folks are consistently questioning and nagging him even as an adult.

The report said that the father was the first victim. Campbell stabbed him in the living room, then went to his mother, who was in the bedroom. 

The sister heard the commotion and came running. She was also stabbed and hacked.

When the authorities arrived, Campbell was waiting for his arrest. The Family was rushed to the hospital. 

They were all suffering from severe stab wounds. Two of them were in critical condition, according to officials.

News outlets reported that Campbells’ charges were two counts of attempted first-degree homicide and one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

He was held in Seminole County Jail with no attorney listed and no bond.

Florida Man April 29, 2019 – Bourne Identity Crisis

Pinellas Park, Florida: Who knew Jason Bourne was a Florida man?

According to Pinellas Park police report, The Barbara S. Ponce Public Library called 911 around 2:15 in the afternoon of April 29 to report a disturbance.

The cause of the disturbance was a drunken 45-year-old Florida man named William Chapman. He wanted to stay inside the library. Even after he had been requested to leave repeatedly.

The authorities arrived at the library. When they asked Chapman for his identity, he said his name is ‘Jason Bourne.’ 

Which we all know as a titular character of Robert Ludlum’s books and movies. 

He even provided a social security number that seemed like he had just made up.

His real identity was soon found out. Obviously, he wasn’t Jason Bourne.

Chapman wasn’t just kicked out of the library. The Florida man was arrested and held in custody for the first-degree misdemeanor charge of resisting an officer without violence.

Final Thoughts

The most surprising detail in these Florida man stories was that a Florida man was found in a library in the first place.

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By Mark
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