Florida Man March 6 – The Bomb Faker and the Bill Runner

Let's take a look at Florida Man March 6 on this article. Done crazy things in the past? These men have done worse.

Make way for more intriguing stories of Florida Man March 6! Is March 6 your birthday? If so keep reading because you are not going to want to miss this.

Florida Man March 6, 2018 – Came to the Airport with a Grenade Launcher

Our Florida Man is Tyler Baker, a 49-year-old from Tampa Bay. Baker was on his way to fly from Tampa International Airport to LAX last March 6, 2018.

As soon as he put his luggage on the baggage scanner, airport officials’ attention was caught. They had spotted a grenade and an unassembled military-grade rocket-propelled grenade launcher in his bags.

Baker came with a lot of confidence and no sign of apprehension considering what’s in his luggage. He was invited for questioning by the TSA immediately. TSA also wanted to check the items found in his bag closer.

They soon realized the launcher was not functional at all and the grenade was only a replica.

All the mentioned device were confiscated by the TSA and airport officials. However, Baker was allowed to take his flight from Florida to LA. Baker Claimed he was working on a film. He stated the items were part of the production is a part of his job.

 Florida Man March 6 – Escaped Ridiculously High Bar Tab

Lakeland, Florida: Florida man, Sean Wright, was arrested for trying to escape a Mexican restaurant last March 6, 2018 after seeing how much his bill was.

Wright was reported to arrive in Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant at 4 o’clock in the afternoon by himself. Staff said he started his happy hour with a Screwdriver cocktail.

But it was just the start of his binge drinking. Next, he followed up with 18 more cocktails within the next 10 hours. He also had a chimichanga for his dinner in between drinks. 

Before the closing time, his bill of 120$ was given to him, but he refused to pay it. He claimed that he can’t afford it and only had $50 in his pocket.

The restaurant manager had to call the police when Wright started to act violently while intoxicated.

Wright claimed he was stood up by his landlord. The landlord was supposed to come and talk about their issues in a rental. This was all denied right away when his landlord was asked for his statement the following day.

He said that definitely there was no plan in meeting in a bar with Wright. He also confirms that Wright is drunk most of the time and consistently having delays in his rental payments.

The bar waiter was also suspended from the job for 7 days for not cutting Wright off on his 6th drink. The employee should have probably sensed some trouble.

So this Florida Man spent a night in jail over a $ 100 tab.

Final Thoughts

After reading on Florida Man March 6, you’d realized that all the bomb jokes you have inside you should be kept inside. As for dining out, you better make sure you have enough money to pay for your tab. But I guess you can also just run if you don’t have enough.

If you think these stories are funny, check out what Florida Man did the next day! If you would like to know how Florida man spent your birthday please leave the date in the comments below.

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